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Dummy Ticket Booking Services

dummy ticket services

Dummy ticket for Visa Application

It is a document that shows the applicant’s proposed travel itinerary even though the applicant has not actually purchased a ticket.However a dummy ticket is¬†usually issued by travel agents, online visa services, or booking websites.

Dummy return ticket (Airport proof of return)

When you are traveling to a foreign country on a tourist visa you are required to provide a return ticket.We provide return dummy ticket with valid PNR and this ticket can be verified at the airport as a proof of return.

Dummy Hotel bookings

A hotel reservation is a important document while applying for a Schengen Visa.It is not necessary to provide an actual hotel booking instead a hold reservation can be submitted.However it is called as a dummy hotel booking because the hotel booking is not fully paid and purchased

Travel itinerary for visa application

A travel itinerary for a visa application is a document that provides the details of an individual’s planned trip.¬†It typically includes information such as the dates of travel, destinations, accommodation, and transportation.